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Invest in community.

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Who We Are

Housing Partnership Equity Trust (HPET) is a social-purpose real estate investment trust that acquires and preserves affordable housing in partnership with leading nonprofit apartment owners. We practice no-nonsense impact investing that delivers reliable results and changes lives, solving one of the nation’s most serious problems: the vast and growing shortage of housing that is affordable to working individuals and families.

Social impact is at the core of our mission at HPET—we’re committed to improving our residents’ lives through financial stability, improved health, and increased access to opportunity.


Tri-Directionalism: The Three-Choice Method of Strategic Planning

Every real estate enterprise needs strategic planning. Few have the time or desire to do it right. Read Daniel Cunningham's latest piece for expert insights on how to move forward in three directions at once.


The Affordable Housing Crisis

The supply of affordable places to live for working families continues to shrink.

11 million Americans spend more than half their paycheck on rent. There is not a single county in the United States that can fill 100% of its lower-income population’s needs for safe, affordable housing. If the people who are the backbone of our economy can’t afford decent places to live, what then?