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Invest With Intention

We are living in times of great change and upheaval. The push to make a social impact is upon us all. It is palpable. And what drives it is not remote and far away. It is right in our backyard. People near us, in our own cities and towns, need housing they can afford.

The good news: there is something we can do right now to secure affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families.
There is a way forward.

That way forward is impact investing of private capital. Private capital is powerful—in the time it took to read this far, thousands of investors have pursued positive financial returns on billions of dollars across countless strategies and ventures. And, today’s investors can achieve more than just financial returns, they can also drive social impact.

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Walkway in Meadow Ridge housing complex

In cities and towns across the U.S., there are older apartments that can be preserved with affordable rents and improved. But not for long. The demand for housing at the higher end of the market is strong and developers are converting these units into more expensive rentals and condominiums, decreasing the supply of affordable housing.

At the same time, properties that don’t attract ongoing investment are being lost to deterioration and demolition (according to some industry experts the number of lost units is as high as 125,000 units a year). These properties can be revitalized and stay affordable if they are acquired by owners who have the skills and the commitment to do so.

Since 2013,
HPET has invested nearly
$300 million in a total of 3,105 apartment units for an average return of 8-10%.

Our investors have included Charles Schwab Bank, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, the Ford Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation, along with individual private impact investors. They all recognize that if you want to change lives, you start where people live, one home at a time.

Want to make a difference? Help people afford where they live.