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Our Social Impact

Our Social Impact

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At HPET, we practice no-nonsense impact investing.

We work collaboratively with our nonprofit partners to acquire and preserve affordable rental housing to create a positive impact on the lives of our residents and our communities. We buy properties in changing neighborhoods and we do more than keep them affordable; we improve them and make them healthier and more sustainable. We look to invest where residents can find jobs, childcare, transportation, schools, medical facilities, healthy food resources, and other important features of vital communities. The things everyone needs to make a living, make their day-to-day life more manageable, and raise their children in a safe, nurturing environment. Without them, low-income and disadvantaged households face negative effects on their physical and emotional well-being, long-term opportunities, and even life expectancy.

Through this mission, grounded in our values and hard-wired into our organizational documents, we are able to provide investors with a triple bottom line return that is economic, social, and environmental. And—most crucially, we are able to deliver significant, long-lasting social impact returns to the people who need it most.

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