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The Affordable Housing Crisis

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The Affordable Housing Crisis

The supply of affordable places to live for working families continues to shrink.

11 million Americans spend more than half their paycheck on rent.
There is not a single county in the United States that can fill 100% of its lower-income population’s needs for safe, affordable housing. If the people who are the backbone of our economy can’t afford decent places to live, what then? When working families are living in cars, what does that say about all of us? When young people who are new to the workforce and working families with children have to compete, often unsuccessfully, for the same, limited number of housing units, what does that lead to?

Housing unaffordability doesn’t only hurt those who rent. It creates a drag on businesses trying to maintain a workforce. Importantly, the sectors of the workforce most affected are those providing the services and skills that help to create and maintain a good quality of life for all of us. Employers alone can’t fix the situation through higher wages. The gap between incomes and housing costs is simply too wide.

Most people of modest means live in housing that doesn’t benefit from government subsidies. The U.S. is experiencing a growing shortage of investment capital targeted at housing for lower-income working households. That means the units we need just aren’t getting built, and worse, we are steadily losing the units we have.

But, there is something we can do right now to secure affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families. The way forward is impact investing of private capital.

To fight this loss of affordable rental housing, we bring our national reach, our partners’ deep local roots, and, collectively, our decades of experience in affordable housing. With funding from individuals and institutions, we make investments that preserve neighborhood homes and deliver good returns.

That Is Impact.

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